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Best way to beat a jetlag

Beat your jetlag

By Lonneke — September 05, 2015 07:32 am
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The best way to beat your jetlag, is to keep moving. Travel some more.

We departed our island Texel by boat, then to the airport by car, we flew to London and from there to Colombo. By the time we left the airport in the capital of Sri Lanka, we travelled for 21 hours already. But it was only a little past noon, so we took a bus to the centre of Colombo, at a market we switched into a tuktuk - yes, all five of us, plus two large backpacks, a guitar and several small bags got crammed in the back, packed like sardines. The tuktuk brought us to the trainstation, where we took the train all the way south to Galle. It was a nice two hour ride; looking out the window on your right side, there was the sea with her waves, for about 128 kilometers straight. Staring out of the window on your left, the view was very diverse: first kilometres of traffic in the city, then a lot of greens, the occasional river, boat builders, temples and other stations. To add to the colourful display: a splash of water - it was pouring rain the whole time.

You know you're in Asia when you get hassled by the touts, when the loud music on the bus gets drowned out by the ringtones of the mobile phones, when the fruit on the market is stacked in such a way that it looks like a color atlas, when the vehicles in the streets appear to have their own secret language, expressed through their horns, non-stop, when people jump on trains, while this is still moving, to assure they get a seat, when the fans in these trains produce a smell like someone's welding a whole new train, when you bargain for a room and for a bunch of bananas, and when your middle son sees an actual, real ninja as a passenger in a tuktuk - with a real ninja mask, knife and special stick (or maybe it was someone who maintains the berms here and wears this to protect himself from smog and sun). All within a few hours time.

When we found a nice guesthouse with view of the lighthouse, it was already children's bedtime, but first we chilled for a bit and then we went knock-out, and woke up the next morning, feeling like humans again and in the right rhythm: jetlag, be gone!

We took off in 2015 with a year of travelling the world with our 3 awesome wingmen, wasting time on the better things in life. From that day on we document our endeavours and make things happen.