T-Shirt Boys Ceylon Spirit

The inspiration

Lonneke — I'm not exaggerating when I claim that Sri Lanka harbors the most maniacal drivers in all of Asia. One thing is clear: all the guardian angels are superbusy at this side of the world, I witnessed more miracles here in four hours than in The Netherlands in a lifetime. Read more

Arjan — When we landed in Colombo, took the bus to the city and got miraculously whizzed into a tuk-tuk to the train station, we came across multiple Lanka Filling Stations. It immediately got stuck in my head and I wanted to use it for a design. It all fell in place when I incorporated my drawing of the spirit animal of Sri Lanka; the peacock.

We took off in 2015 with a year of travelling the world with our 3 awesome wingmen, wasting time on the better things in life. From that day on we document our endeavours and make things happen.