Candi Bentar T-Shirt

The inspiration

Lonneke — The whole island of Bali is one big temple. Driving or walking through these huge candi bentars (split gateways) you enter a new part of it time and again. You feel surrounded by their attempt to seek balance and harmony between dharma (order in the cosmos) and adharma (disorder). Read more

Arjan — I really like the grandness of the Candi bentars and how they stand out in the landscape: man-made but fitting. A portal to new worlds, like ancient airports. That's why I used airway references and drew letters that, to me, resemble a time when the first aviators faced fears and followed their curiosity, outcome unknown.

We took off in 2015 with a year of travelling the world with our 3 awesome wingmen, wasting time on the better things in life. From that day on we document our endeavours and make things happen.