South America

A dream in the making..

We'll be travelling South America in a different way than we did through Asia.

Our 4 x 4 will sport a large roof top car tent, which harbours all five of us easily. In the back of the car, there's enough space for our screen print set-up. Travelling by car allows us to connect with the locals in a more direct way, skipping the peel of people connected to tourism. Interaction with locals takes place on a different level when you don't need a place to sleep or a meal to eat from them. In Asia, we found it difficult to find local people to just have a chat with: there's often economic gain luring in the background. When we did find locals outside of the guesthouse/eatery/trip/transport perimeter, language would usually be an obstacle. So I'm studying Spanish already! 

Another advantage of this unique way of camping, is the possibility to find the nicest places to stay. With enough space for the boys and us to do our own thing. We like being independent and proactive and this way we can decide for ourselves where we want to be for a while.

It's going to be so great to immediately be able to translate our encounters and inspiration into new designs and onto shirts and other goods. We're looking forward to these brand new adventures and enrichment and nourishment of our souls! Let's see how we will Leap 'n Roll through this fascinating continent!

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