Ayubowan Sri Lanka, Namasté India

Ayubowan Sri Lanka, Namasté India

By Lonneke — October 21, 2015 08:25 am

Travelling means greeting many new things, but also bidding farewell. Not only to places and rooms (that you had just gotten used to a bit), but also to people, and now, after seven weeks, even to a whole country!

Beastly weather has a new definition since we got to Negombo; besides cats and dogs it must have been raining crocodiles and snakes, we were wading ankle deep through the street in no time, the puddles reaching halfway the calfs of our boys. We found rooms and a small restaurant, both dealing with water hindrance, played cards while waiting for our food and it turned us somewhat giggly: the water came drumming upon the roof so relentlessly, our youngest had to go to the outside-loo a couple of times leaving us even more soaked and it was just so cozy!

Then followed two days of commuting to Colombo for last visa arrangements, not a pleasant chore, but hey, you have to be willing to put some time and effort in, to be allowed in India.

Since our arrival here in Negombo, I've noticed that all of us are not really 'here' anymore, in spirit. It's like we're waiting on a bridge in an alternate universe, anxious to finally cross it to India. We have left Sri Lanka already, waiting for our bodies to follow. So we're holed up in our room for the most time, taking it slowly, in anticipation of meeting a whole new country.

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