By Lonneke — September 09, 2017 11:16 am

Spring and summer merged into one big creative outburst.

In the vernal season, the roots of our project grew firmly underground. The first shoot saw daylight at the music festival Sommeltjespop and soon after, the first leaves emerged: we launched our brand new website & shop where people can buy our hand-drawn screenprinted shirts! It's the greatest feeling, to now have this solid tree out there in the world, for us to grow new items on each branch.

Being back from our worldtrip for a year now, I realize it's important to be home gracefully. Somewhat reluctant, but benevolent, sometimes grumbling, yet grateful, frustrated but trusting. Nobody benefits when you cling onto your travels completely, the art is to create pleasure wherever you are, make the best of any circumstances. Screenprinting is incredibly helpful in this regard! You see, actually you completely spoil yourself by living such a dream. You don't want to go back home, you want to keep on living this incredible life. So with this outlet through which we can channel our experiences, this format to keep our journey alive, we've found a graceful way. We can pour our passion into this platform and vicariously relive our own adventures through this medium.

Looking back from March and the coming and going of snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, pussy willows, tulips, cow parsley, dandelions, buttercups, cuckooflowers, bluebells, poppies and sunflowers, I could see clearly the melody of the earth they're bringing about. And there was so much more music to be anticipated! I feel we've even added a note or two ourselves. The bright purple of the heather is now almost past its prime and after this explosion of sun, free time, new adventures in Sweden and Denmark, fertile inventiveness and inspired industriousness, we look forward to autumn. Continuing our labour of love inside our shed and home, adding to and building on our verdant dream of Jetpack Worldwide.

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