Colors of Sri Lanka

Colors of Sri Lanka

By Lonneke — September 27, 2017 08:19 am

You can see we love the fishermen. We especially liked staying in the south of Sri Lanka for a while, getting familiar with the people of this town, Tangalle. Every day, when we'd go to the beach, the fishermen were there, pulling this giant net in. And every day, they'd ask us for help, knowing we couldn't say no to them. They would divide the catch amongst themselves. For many, it would be their meal, others sat by the side of the road to sell their small portion.

You can't think of Ceylon without thinking of a nice hot cuppa! Around Nuwara Eliya you can walk through the tea plantations; the amount of work is unimaginable, when you see these tea picking ladies as specks of color in this ocean of green.

And no, we did not dare buy an icecream from this man, we weren't in such a hurry to challenge our stomachs!

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