Crafting jetpacks at Sommeltjespop

Crafting jetpacks at Sommeltjespop

By Lonneke — July 23, 2017 01:43 pm

First Saturday of July: it's time for the coolest, most laid-back music festival on our island: Sommeltjespop, at the village De Waal. This is an event for everyone: young and old, hardcore music lovers and entrenched socializers, dancers and loafers. Families bring their little ones and everybody hangs out together. Next to the main stage a tiny beach was created on the grass: literally, they dumped a huge load of sand there. Large beanbags and tropical plants complemented the picture.

We built our wooden construction right before the beach hut that is appointed to us. We painted two colorful backdrops for the moment of lift-off. We set up the picnic table and as soon as the music started playing, children swarmed our cozy nook to craft their hearts out. With just two plastic bottles (reuse!), some orange fabric, colored tape and elastic band, they created their own jetpack! Some finished in ten minutes, some took their time and sat at our table for an hour, but once finished, every one of them proudly strapped on their rocket engines and flew across the festival grounds, adding a splash of color and joy to this sunny day and to the entertained crowd.

Such a nice way to bring our Learn to Fly project to the attention of audience and to sell our first T shirts, 10% of the turnover goes to this fun project.

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