Extraordinary Vietnam

Extraordinary Vietnam

By Lonneke — September 27, 2017 08:30 am

Vietnam really got us by the balls - quite literally so, actually: when the women here assumed the children are girls and learn about their boyhood, and are done laughing hysterically about it, they like to check for themselves through a simple but effective crotch-grab. Just one example of a significantly different way of social interaction than we're used to. Almost everything felt out of the ordinary here. But that's what you travel halfway across the world for: to experience things you're not used to. 

The boatride at sunrise to the floating markets on the Mekong Delta, was one of the most memorable experiences we had. We feasted our eyes on all the liveliness on the water and marveled at the stamina of the people leading these aquatic lives.

Hoi An will always be special to us: celebrating Tet (Chinese new year) in this lantern filled town was magical. Nearby, we crossed a bridge to Cam Kim island and were immediately transferred into yet another world, purely rural, with people bringing home all kinds of harvests in their own, typical ways.

With the vast majority of the people not belonging to any religion officially, we stumbled upon a baffling amount of home-altars, temples, incense sticks and zen monks.

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