Jungle gems and spiritual treasures

Jungle gems and spiritual treasures

By Lonneke — September 26, 2017 04:46 pm

During this journey we only travelled through a small part of this vast land: Sumatra and Bali. Indonesia always makes your dreams come true, and then some.

It's hard to explain how thick the jungle of Gunung Leuser can be, almost impenetrable at times. The air is thick also, saturated with suspense and the humid smell of...of life, earth, creation. In between spotting orang utans, like this majestic male, we climbed, hiked and slithered our way though the green.

Bali washes over you like a spiritual tempest. Cleansing you from whatever it is that might trouble you. Sharpening your outlook so you can truly see what a wonderful, blessed world we live in. And how we humans are capable of multiplying that beauty, if we wish to do so. The time and effort the people put into the daily canang sari, the gratefulness that oozes from these offerings, abundantly sprinkled around, are downright inspiring. Celebrate whenever possible, seems to be their adage.

And then there's the rice terraces, luminous green, irregularly shaped, but somehow coming across as an incredibly united whole, destined to be modelled this way. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous, to be stared at for hours. 

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