Simple delights in Denmark

Simple delights in Denmark

By Lonneke — August 30, 2017 05:01 pm

We returned from Sweden within 48 hours, because of the most epic downpour we've ever experienced and were glad to get back to 'our spot' at the camp site in Rojle Klint, Denmark.

Still, the weather wasn't fantastic, but we got to enjoy the simple pleasures of camping life, like:

Sleep (or at least: lay in a tent) for twelve hours every night. It was too cold/wet to sit outside, so when we had read the bedtime stories, we'd turn in as well.

Read an entire, brilliant 500+ pages novel. Ooooh, what a lovely way to escape the glum and live in yet another different world!

Mess around & get creative. The oldest son made a heart out of clay he excavated from the cliff for his father's birthday, we made a garland out of twigs and beach finds for the youngest's birthday. 

We played football, which triggers zeal and the giggles simultaneously in me. 

The oldest son caught tiny, cute frogs (and immediately released them to return to their families again).

We enjoyed the most basic pasta meals (with just skinned tomatoes and spam), just so grateful to be cooking in an indoor kitchen.

The boys got to climb, explore and roam all the trees, rocks and hidden pathways along the cliff and beach.

Oh and we visited the marvelous Moesgård Museum, dedicated to archaeology and ethnograph, about Denmark's ancient past, the time of the Vikings and many more areas, all presented in a very attractive, interactive way. But also a deeply moving film about seven human conditions - birth, death, love, faith, fear, loss and rationality. The whole museum impressed us profoundly and we could have wandered through it for two more days. The boys urged me to recommend it to you!

Then it was time to leave the moist behind and return to our comfortable house on our own vacation-island, to enjoy summer here, dry and easy.

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