The sea and what it means to me

The sea and what it means to me

By Lonneke — September 11, 2015 12:46 pm

Being born islanders, we love being near water, preferably the sea. So we are happy that we are ten steps away from the beach right now. After schoolwork the boys immediately run to the ocean and start playing diligently. The game is simple: jump the waves, sometimes you go under, sometimes you stand your ground. Kind of like life, right?

When I find myself facing a big wave, I like to take it head on and then it doesn't matter if I get swepped off my feet or not: I did my best. Sometimes, when they keep coming and I don't feel ready to deal with such a big one, I dive underneath it. When you're really tired, you don't always have to choose the hard way, you can go easy on yourself.

Watching our boys in the water is rather calming, almost like meditation. I love how they totally get into it, nothing exists but them and the next surf rolling in. They give it their all, wave after wave. You can see how well connected their spirits are with their bodies. The youngest one can't swim yet, so he can't go in as far. But he keeps on running, skipping, making kungfu moves at the incoming sea, jumping and rolling over, swinging every limb, relentlessly. He anticipates perfectly how far he can go, and when he needs to start sprinting towards the beach again. In all of their moves you can see pure JOY. Why do they do this, tireless, with these young and fit bodies? Because they can! Just for the fun of it, the soul feeds the body and the body nurtures the soul.

Of course you have to stay alert, if you don't pay attention, the sea will knock you over for sure. But swirling under water, for a moment not knowing which way is up or down is a valuable experience too, and in this case, a fun experience!

The sea teaches me endurance and to stay in the moment and enjoy with joy.

For the boys the ocean is the perfect playpal: always willing to play for hours, battle with them, measure strength, and she never gets tired, just like them.

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