Fly or Die

Failure is an option

By Lonneke — August 10, 2015 03:06 pm

Thankfully we are not forced to actually choose between flying or dying. What we mean to convey is the choice we all have in our lives: do I undertake something, do I take action, do I take matters in my own hand and take a risk? Or will I sit still, waiting, frozen? When you don't move along on your path, nothing can cross paths with you and you miss all these opportunities.

People, situations, creative expressions - some hard and some inspiring - they really want to meet you. In order for that to take place, you have to go out and meet the world. Even if you do not know what's around the next corner, even if you're feeling a bit insecure, not sure if you're up for whatever awaits you. The point is to keep on moving and being at ease with the notion that not everything has to work out perfectly. That every experience is just that: an experience. Any experience is a lesson, so how could one ever label an experience as good or bad? When we learn how to walk, it's allright to fall: that's how we train ourselves into doing a better job, so one day we can run. As adults we seem to have forgotten the valuable lesson falling can teach us. We are willing to try out something new, but not at the expense of our ego: if we are not able to master something immediately, without falling or failing, we have a tendency to stop trying.

What I've found very helpfull, is not having certain expectations concerning the outcome, not having a clearcut picture of what things should turn out to be. Leave room for whatever my imagination couldn't come up with. Hence our motto: failure is an option! It keeps things light. It's a reminder and appeasement: all's fine, everything is well.

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